Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hair: Peggy Hair 0886 by Anubis
Eyebrows: Default Replacement Eyebrows by Simple Life

Ruddy Skin by Shyne

Eyeshadow: Envy Me by Gosik
Lips: Sparkle 'n Shine Lipgloss by IN3S
Eyes: Eye Contacts by Gary

 Other CC:
3D Eyelash Project by SClub
Classic French Nails by Pralinesims
Chin to neck line by Heiret
-[ Head and Ears--> Chin ]
Nostril Rotate Sliders by aWT
[ Nose ]

Other Mods and Poses:
NRaas - Animator by Twallan
NRaas - MasterController by Twallan
PosePlayer by cmomoney
Pose Player Interaction Add-on by Misukisu
Individuality Pose Pack by Elexis
Wavy Strings by Zelia
I hope you like her. The .sim files are packaged with default basegame hair, clothes and skin. Big thanks to all creators of all the CC i used to my sims. Feel free to use my sims in your creations, credit is much appreciated.