Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fairy Pose Pack

My 4th pose pack. They're all pose list compatible. Model is my fairy sim Rias Evergreen.
skin by NavetSea
eyes by Ephemera
lips by IN3S

File is updated(Sept. 19). Please re-download. Fixed wrong names and order of the poses and added missing pose 06(a_BC_fay06).
Don't Forget to Download Pose Player by cmomoney for these to work. I recommend using Pose Player Interaction Add-on by virtualartisan for better way to play poses. Feel free to use my poses in your creations, credit is much appreciated.


  1. Very beautiful! Than you vey much <3

  2. These are lovely poses, but they are mislabeled in the list. So for instance if I select the fay_06 pose or type it in by name, I get pose 05 instead. All the poses seem like this, everyone I choose gives me the wrong pose.

    1. Oh, thank you for letting me know. All should be good now :D. Please re-download and replace the old file.