Friday, September 7, 2012

Mage/Witch Pose Pack

This is my 3rd pose pack I hope you like it. Model is my first witch sim Mei Ashcraft.

Mei: Obey me mortal or feel my wrath!

hair by Juliana
eyes by Ginko
lips by IN3S
eyebrow by S-Club
eyeshadow by Gosik

The poses i'm doing next are for fairies. Thanks for downloading.

Don't Forget to Download Pose Player by cmomoney for these to work. I recommend using Pose Player Interaction Add-on by virtualartisan for better way to play poses. Feel free to use my poses in your creations, credit is much appreciated.


  1. Thank you, moon333 and Blondechaosims. :D

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  3. wonderful! but i don't have the supernatural expansion pack yet...
    the model looks like regina from once upon a time!

  4. So great set, I find thing what I need! Thank you!
    Could you say, is this model one of your sim or it just someone work?

  5. when I download it, it says that the download is broken or damaged